Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seussy Lunamarunacy!

Oh I'm so drawny -
so mouth-smacking yawny -
I can't keep from hitting the hay.

Dove into bed,
yes, that's where I fled
from the who-dids
and you-dids
of the day.

What dreams will I see?
Some of fear? some of glee?
I hope they are uncommonly sweet.

The moon is so high,
the pale light plies my eyes.
But sleep comes
and becomes

Blast! Clash!
Fizz-Boom and Crash!
What's happened to my noble ship?

I am in such bad trouble
buried under much rubble
but I'm small
so I crawl
and I kip.

How wondrous, how strange!
How utterly deranged.
I'm unsure whether to smile or to frown.

It's all in a haze
beneath my dazed gaze.
It's maroon,
this town.

Element'ry, I say!
I'll deduct my way
and figure out what this town's all about!

Wielding my glass
like a true sassy lass
I go forth
due north
to scout.

What's this, a big fish?
Looks yum, looks de-lish!
Puffed up when I draw near.

I don't like the way
it's glass eyes on me stay -
Oh dear!

One to interrogate!
Sir, do elucidate
on this wondrous place where you live?

Oh my, how rude!
How crass and crude!
Only tripe
from your pipe
you give!

A storeroom defunct!
Plucked, plundered and junked!
Who would do this to their valued stores?

There's something amiss
I cannot dismiss:
where the masses
these amasses
are for?

Further on I step light-fully,
but am thrust up most fright-fully
from giant fans blowing air to the sky.

I swim in the gust -
tossed, bruised and mussed.
I'm stuck!
"Bad luck!"
I cry.

A sound in my ear
like a choir so dear
marks a savior flying right to my side!

I grab a tight hold
(for I am quite bold)
and I lift
and I shift
and we glide.

O'er the town we abscond,
and by a little frond pond
I am peacefully placed on my feet.

A fish, blind from light,
swims away in pure fright
of a doom
that looms
with huge teeth.

Further on I stop short,
with a gasp, moan and snort -
a discovery of gruesome detail!

Peering through my magnifier,
clues unfold - dreadful, dire.
Pocks and nicks
as if from picks

There must be more hints!
A body? More prints?
I'll find answers here in this room!

My hopes are all dashed -
the control room's been trashed!
This fresh hell
surely smells
like a tomb.

Alas, this poor sod,
now just bones and no bod,
is fodder for seaweed and bait.

More scratches and dents,
I'm on to the scent!
Gnawed bones
his fate.

On to the small hatchery,
sealed to halt escapery.
Peers in show it too is destroyed!

The fish gather 'round -
eyes fixed, but no sound -
just staring
and glaring,

Inside the research lab,
where all is stashed and stabbed.
My eyes see the scrawl sprawled up on the wall...

What horror, what stupidity!
It hits me with lucidity!
These thinkers
their fall!

A nagging sense of watchful eye
tugs on my mind as I walk by.
Looking back to the pond, I see truth!

Meddling in native beasts' DNA
these people became the bested prey!
Now I
must fly
for I
am eyed
and I
don't vie
to be pie!

What lunacy! What maroonacy!
What utter, complete Lunamarunacy!
With a start I awake in my bed!

My heart is pounding,
my hoarse lungs sounding -
deep gasps,
shaky rasps -
am I dead?!

T'was just a bad dream,
and to calm down I deem
I'll just have a light midnight meal.

Crack, snap, pop, crick!
I arise still sleepy and thick.
Rubbing my face
so glad that place
is unreal.

I bid you adieu,
but implore if you do
like this tale of horror and doom.

Visit and see with your own eyes,
the genius and great prize
we have in the bloke
named Scottius Polke
(And visit his other mushROOM!)

~~ Fin ~~

Note: No kittens were harmed in the creation of this post. 

(To keep my already long story posts from being painfully longer, credit details are in the comment section below, or you can find credits to specific pictures on my Flickr Page! A directory of SLurls can be found here!) 


  1. ::takes a deep breath::

    Bed: Art Dummy - a monster under my bed
    Flowers: Pixelated petals - Urn with Red Orchids 2
    Glasses: Donna Flora - Manon
    Painting: Paper Couture - Wall Art, 'At Dusk'
    Rug: Apocalips - Sakura Rug
    Pajamas: Donna Flora - Lulu
    Hair: Lamb! - Ambrosia, powder
    Stockings: Rural Route - Varicose Veins with Support Pantyhose
    Poses: beemann

    Pufferfish/croc egg: Created by Scottius Polke, available at Lunamaruna

    Dress: Montagne Noire - Madame, marble
    Hair: Bliss Couture - Betty, vanille
    Shoes: Ztique - Tally, black
    Earrings: Montagne Noire - Jet Black Cameo
    Rings: Paper Couture - Diamonds and Pearl Ring, Leather Blossom Ring
    Gloves: Paper Couture - mid arm black gloves
    Spectacles: Pretty Magic - Victorian spectacles, black
    Hat/Magnifying glass: Altya's Dream Creations - Sherlock Holmes Set
    Poses: olive juice, beemann

    Location: Lunamaruna - art installation by Scottius Polke @ Prozect Z, Lennox Hill

  2. A safe return for Edith I do wish,
    but what do I espy in her bedroom
    but a rather puffed-up fish!