Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The world sleeps, unaware.

In every dark corner of every posh tea room, in every glitzy glamour lounge, in every early bird special line, lurks danger. Not the petty danger of pickpockets or muggers, purse snatchers or knock off artists.  No, this danger goes beyond that - threatening the very fabric of our civilization.

These are the backroom deals, the murders under rug swept, the covert passing of secret information that exists only to disrupt and unravel governments. High stakes moves of high rollers at the highest levels, sometimes in high heels, and even more frequently, just plain high.

What defense do we have against such lurking evil? Is there light in the abyss?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. You have nothing to worry about as you go about your daily chores. You are protected. "Who," you ask, wringing your hands. "Who is our savior?"

The Double-O Dame.

With style, grace, style, class, and even more style, this seasoned secret agent helps protect us all against the most hideous crime lords ever to walk this planet.

Trained by the finest minds and equipped with the latest technology, the Double-O Dame excels at problem solving, able to discern what is good and what isn't.

More often than not, she runs into resistance. But does she back down?


She knows how to get what she wants...

..even if she has to use necessary force.

Because in the end, one thing is certain:

She always gets her man.

Rest easy, world. You are protected.

(To keep my already long story posts from being painfully longer, credit details are in the comment section below, or you can find credits to specific pictures on my Flickr Page! A directory of SLurls can be found here!)


  1. Credits:

    Dress/hat: Donna Flora - Marchessa, smoke
    Hair: fri. - Summer, startled white
    Glasses: DECO - Swank Glasses, Licorice
    Necklace/earringsDonna Flora - Contessa set
    Rings: Paper Couture - Diamonds and Pearl Ring, Leather Blossom Ring
    Gloves: Paper Couture - mid-arm black gloves
    Skin/Shape: The Wrigglesworth, Aunt Penny
    Guns: from Adorkable
    Stockings: The Rural Route - Varicose Veins with Support Hose
    Shoes: Gos - Posh Bootie, Obsidian
    Aston Martin: The Wrigglesworth - Comfort Ride 2000 (modified)

    Poses: Adorkable, Olive Juice, beemann

    Location: Russian Boy on Mars, on Mira (but alas, it's gone!)

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333

  3. I object to this assassination of my sterling character. You'll be hearing from my attorney, and I promise you, those jewels, those guns, the hat...they will all be mine, mine, MINE!
    You can keep the support hose.