Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hair So Fair

Blah blah Hair Fair blah blah. You know the drill. Everyone's talking about it, everyone's doing it. You should, too!

Wilmur, Master of Abaci
Deco's Shifty Hair and Beard - Hair Fair 2013

Sometimes you just have to let your hair down and go au naturale!
Curio Obscura's Godiva - Hair Fair 2013

As you're going crazy throwing money at Hair fair, make sure to stop by the Wigs for Kids bandana shops (I believe there are duplicate shops on every sim) and pick up these creative coverings! Below is a mere taste of what's available. There are some really beautiful and unique creations this year!

Top row: Hopscotch, The Bitten Prim, Aisling
Middle row: TuttiFrutti, Lelutka, Ohmai!
Bottom row: Hopscotch, JustMagnetic/Balkanic2.0, W.Winx

All are only 50L and the proceeds go to Wigs for Kids! In some of the bandana folders are nice notes from the creators about why they chose to participate, the idea behind the design, or other personal messages! It's a neat way for both hair and non-hair creators to show support for this worthy cause!
The last day of Hair Fair is the day set aside to wear your bandanas to show solidarity for those who have lost hair due to treatment. Be sure to stock up before then!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wilmur's Day at the Beach

Wilmur helps with life-guarding duties.

Time for a game of frisbee!

Oh no! Wilmur's frisbee irritated some sea gulls!

Wilmur disturbs a sand castle, and its inhabitants quickly come to its defense!

While out for a swim, Wilmur has a scare!

He knows what that fin means! He remembers from watching a really scary movie
just last night with his Auntie Edith and Sammy Davis, Jr. Jr.!

Turns out, it was just a new friend introducing himself! Whew!

As the day wanes, Wilmur and his pal look for sunset waves.

A bonfire, marshmallows, and good company make the perfect ending to a memorable day at the beach.


On Wilmur: Asto Remy Swimming Trunks 70s 9 - flow (Brady McKeenan)
On Benjam: Fatewear trunks - Spitz - Ocean - (Damien Fate)

1 - Life Guard Chair - Olive Juice & Kari (Isabella Baroque & Menno Ophelia)
2 - HISfrisbee - Hispose (Sixx Yangtz)
3 - Seagull Attack - Uncertain Smile (Isabelli Anatine)
4 - Crab Grab - Uncertain Smile (Isabelli Anatine)
5 - HISdolphin - Hispose (Sixx Yangtz)
6 - Movie Horror Night - Yulicie (Zoya Neaph) (current@Perfect Wardrobe)
7 - HISdolphin - Hispose (Sixx Yangtz)
8 - Shaka Brah Surfboards - Tabloid and Ma Vie (Dahlia Joubert & Mavi Beck) & Hide and Seek - Olive Juice (Isabella Baroque)
9 - Marshmallow Fight - flowey (Flutter Memel) (current@C88 - July)

Thanks to Katharine McGinnis for playing the role of Sammy Davis, Jr. Jr. in her Intrigue Co. Cow Pajamas. Let's hope SDJrJr doesn't find out about the cow bit. He'll never get over it.

Also much thanks to Kendal Sapphire and Eve Daines for letting me use the beach on their sim, Elle Island, to take pictures. Elle Island is probably the most gorgeous sim I have ever visited. It is closed this week while the owners are at camp, but definitely visit it after it reopens next week!