Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Nephew Wilmur - an introduction

Good evening, darling! It's nice to see you as always. We'll have to take our tea in the formal living room, dear, so do please mind those crumbs!

You see, my nephew Wilmur has recently moved into the television room after returning to the country from his exploits overseas. Oh my yes, it is wonderful to have him here - he's such a delightful young man!

I'd love for you to meet him, but alas, he is not home. After a hearty dinner, he headed right out for a night on the town!

Oh of course I didn't go with him! It's important for adults to let their wards off their leashes now and again, isn't it? He is a good boy, though - he always calls up to me and tells his auntie goodbye.

 I'm not really sure what he is up to, darling, but surely it is a sterling pursuit, as he has an eclectic yet discerning taste in culture.

Oh tosh, of course I am not worried about him losing all of his pocket money! He's always been frugal and never spends unwisely!

I do hope he's having fun. He's just started making friends here, and I am sure he will find many kindred spirits to bully about the town with.

He's a very steady sort, you see. Dependable and having lots of grace and control about himself.

I'm sure once you meet him, you'll see, darling: he's a very cool cat!

Sadly, the 'charity' behind the benefit this post was supporting, the Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate, is a sham. The leader, Epileptic Dreddmor, raised an estimated $500 on behalf of the Epilepsy Foundation from benefits and direct donations over the course of several months. Unfortunately, no money ever made it to the Epilepsy Foundation. When pressed, she admitted this and later it was discovered all the money was gone and she had used it for her own interests.

Many generous people donated their time, items, and money in an attempt to help the Epilepsy Foundation. One person's selfish actions do not diminish the good intentions of those she took advantage of, and I applaud every one of the creators and kind people who tried to support what they believed was a worthy cause.

As for me, I learned a great lesson: never put efforts into something that isn't 100% transparent and honest. If something smells fishy, it is fishy.

I apologize for my association with the S.E.C.S. and urge everyone to be wary of the level of support they show this group and it's leader.

(To keep my already long story posts from being painfully longer, credit details are in the comment section below, or you can find credits to specific pictures on my Flickr Page. A directory of SLurls can be found here.)


  1. I'm very sorry I missed Wilmur's visit to KMR, but I do hope to meet him soon! Thank you for the mention Dame Edith

  2. Wilmur must have fantastic taste in music to end up at KMR! Great post Dame Edith, you must be such a proud mum.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Swindlehurst! Wilmur came back with tales of friendly people and wonderful music. I'll have to check it out myself sometime! And yes, Bella darling, I'm always proud of my Wilmur!

  4. Credits:

    Skin/Shape/Hair: Wrigglesworth - Max
    Glasses: Wrigglesworth - Poppy's Glasses
    Pants/belt: Adjunct - Parachute Pants
    Socks: Wrigglesworth - Men's Garter Socks
    Shoes: HOC - Hocs Lowtops

    Poses: BakaElle, for the Props and Poses Fair

    Location: Killing Moon Records -- great music, great ambiance, great (friendly and inclusive) chatter