Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Fair Dame

The forces of the universe convened and decided it was past due for this planet to provide me with my own personal theatre upon which to grace my public. As soon as I saw it, my mind exploded with ideas and plans on what dramatic productions to stage. Oh, darlings, the culture will be spread so thick!

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!
Behold the fantastic offering from Chandni Khondji of Hopscotch!

Why can't a woman be more like a man?

This stage is amazing. There are 7 fully adjustable poses built in, with a capability of up to 6 avatars using it at once. The stage is deep enough - both in front and behind the curtain - to allow for movement or stage props. The textures are gorgeous, as you can see, and it photographs so very well, being the perfect size to get a great capture.

I've grown accustomed to her face.

Edith Ogleby, Chandni Khondji, and Wilmur Ogleby take their bows.

Sadly, the 'charity' behind the benefit this post was supporting, the Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate, is a sham. The leader, Epileptic Dreddmor, raised an estimated $500 on behalf of the Epilepsy Foundation from benefits and direct donations over the course of several months. Unfortunately, no money ever made it to the Epilepsy Foundation. When pressed, she admitted this and later it was discovered all the money was gone and she had used it for her own interests.

Many generous people donated their time, items, and money in an attempt to help the Epilepsy Foundation. One person's selfish actions do not diminish the good intentions of those she took advantage of, and I applaud every one of the creators and kind people who tried to support what they believed was a worthy cause.

As for me, I learned a great lesson: never put efforts into something that isn't 100% transparent and honest. If something smells fishy, it is fishy.

I apologize for my association with the S.E.C.S. and urge everyone to be wary of the level of support they show this group and it's leader.

(To keep my already long story posts from being painfully longer, credit details are in the comment section below, or you can find credits to specific pictures on my Flickr Page! A directory of SLurls can be found here!)


  1. Stage: Hopscotch - The Drama Club, Prop and Pose Fair exclusive

    On Edith;
    Hat: Illusions - Eliza's Ascot Hat
    Dress: Sirena - Ascot (by Natalia Zelmanov)
    Shoes: Paper Couture - Platform pump, black
    Rings: Paper Couture - Diamonds and Pearl, Leather Blossom
    Glasses: Wrigglesworth, Cat Eye Glasses
    Hair: friday - Summer, startled white

    On Wilmur:
    Hat/suit: sf design - Royal Ascot
    Shoes: HOC - Men's Formal Dress Shoes
    Glasses: Wrigglesworth - Poppy's Glasses
    Skin/Shape: Wrigglesworth - Max (new and glorious!)

  2. I really really love this post, the pictures are awesome and you and Wilmur look brilliant on stage. Thank you so much for letting me get on stage with you and for the wonderful pictures and post :)