Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Cat's Out of the Bag!

As icon Clairee Belcher said so graciously, "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."

One important accessory that is often forgotten is no further than the tip of your nose: glasses! Functional as well as fashionable, glasses allow us to look our best, as well as help us... well... look!

I love glasses. I have so many that it is hard to pick through them to find the pair I need. I might find the perfect color frames, but the lenses are all wrong! Sometimes it takes me longer to find the right glasses as it does to find what jewelry to use, and you can just imagine how much jewelry I have. Not anymore, darlings! I think I might have finally found the holy grail of glasses!

These are the Cat Glasses offered by Conspiracy Theory for The Arcade gacha event. They come in all sorts of wonderful colors and patterns. They are very well made and are quite detailed, and at only 25L a try they are one of the greatest bargains of the entire event. The rare surprise in Conspiracy Theory's gacha is a marvelous HUD that lets you customize the Cat Glasses! I am wearing the White Cat Glasses, so with the HUD, I can customize all the finer details, while the color of the frames stay intact.

The HUD comes in three parts: One to customize the studs decorating the points of the glasses, one to customize the color and darkness of the lens, and one to customize the color of the side arms. 

Here is a demonstration of the first and third parts of the HUD together. The left picture shows the stud colors available, and the right side shows the colors available for the arms of the glasses.


As you can see, there are quite a few colors you can choose from to make your glasses look exactly the way you want. Below, I have shown first the default, then changed the studs and sides to red, and then again changed them to a nice soft blue!

The middle part of the HUD controls both the color and the darkness of the lenses. The rainbow gradient allows you to make your lenses any color you want - from delicate pink to bright red, from forest green to sky blue!

At the top of the rainbow gradient is a black strip. This is where you can customize how dark you want your shades. All the way to the left and they are clear. All the way to the right, and they are dark for sunny days, or for special spy missions when discretion is key!

As I finish my ensemble, I have decided to customize my Cat Glasses for a nice, soft blue lens, with blue studs and blue sides. The rare HUD from Conspiracy Theory@The Arcade will help me match my glasses perfectly, every time I go out! 

Good luck getting your Cat Glasses, and the rare Cat Glasses HUD. They are worth every linden!


Glasses - Conspiracy Theory@Arcade (customized with rare HUD prize)
Vanity Table and makeup items - Tres Blah@Arcade
Dress Form - Schadenfreude@The Arcade
Chair - Apple Fall@The Arcade
Lilac Bouquet - Adorkable@The Arcade

Ensemble: Hair - Bliss Couture, Dress - Icing, Rings - Paper Couture, Earrings/Necklace/Stole - Donna Flora, Dress - Icing, Hair Pin - Dark Mouse

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