Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pixies in a Fix

"Why did you follow me?
My brain is a pea!"

"This is not the picnic I planned - 
to end up lost in a strange land!"

"I'm hungry! I thirst!
My feet hurt the worst!"
"Quit whining, my dear!
Who knows what will hear!"

"Look, there! Don't you see?
Behind that big tree!"
"Go ahead, take a sip.
Just a little, just a nip!"

"Oh horror! Oh wow!
We're in for it now!"
"Run, run, run like the wind!
Did you see the teeth in that huge, gnarly grin?"

No one knows how the pixies got away.
They'll have their picnic another day.



Balaclava@Arcade - Tricksters and Their Magical Treasures - #9- Briar Carly and #10- March Freckle. These very tiny mesh avatars come complete with an AO!

Intrigue Co.@Arcade - Prehistoric Plushie Pals - Pizza the Pleiosaurus, Ernie the Eohippos, Moe the Mammoth, Petunia the Pterodactyl, Sammy the Sabertooth, Sara the Triceratops, Thunder the T-Rex, and the Props! These are also holdable attachments. 

Both of these great collections are exclusive to this month's Arcade - so make sure to collect them all before the end of the month!

Assorted foliage for my jungle - Ferns from Botanical and planter foliage from Trompe Loeil!

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