Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Dream

With an important deadline looming, I worked all day at my typewriter. Sadly, despite all the hours of brainstorming, all I'd managed was the first word. Still, I was so pooped I dozed off right where I was!

Suddenly, there he was. Those eyes! That smile! That chest hair!  Right before me, a vision to behold: my dream date!

He had prepared a lovely picnic lunch for us to enjoy, but everyone knows: swim first - eat later!

Just as we were about to dig into the fruit, bread, and cheese, a hideous monster jumped out! "Gimmee that Brie!" it snarled. I was so frightened! My brave dream man whipped out his big gun and took care of that Brie brigand!

"My hero!" I gasped and he turned. He puckered up and leaned towards me. He raised his hand and offered me a friendship bracelet. I reached to take it when....

My blasted alarm clock shattered the illusion and I found myself back in my bed with nothing but the deadline to greet me. I sighed and got up, the memory of my dream man fading slowly from my mind. If only it could be real!

That's when I saw it! There, on my wrist. No.... could it be??? Was it really all a dream?!

Thanks to Andel Rhiadra for being such a patient, lovely model! 

Featuring items from The Arcade gacha event!

Bedroom 1:
ADD Andel - Bowling league - Bowling Balls
Apple Fall - Breakfast at Tiffanies - books
Aria - Oolong Teacup Planters - flowers
Art Dummy - wake me. - bed
DIGS - Skyline Relief Blocks - London
Floorplan - antique typewriter - floral
Pilot - Landmarks - Eifel Tower
Scarlet Creative - Getaway - poetry books boxed
Shakeup! - Fabric Flower Ring - Tie Dye (on wall)
Standby - World Tour - amps, ukulele, keytar
Trompe Loeil - Billiards Dresser
Vespertine - Fabric Birds - Birdcage, owl

Date Picnic:
Elate - A Posh Picnic set
Miamai - Critters Society - floaty
Second Spaces - Game Night - Backgammon
Sway - Swim Ring - Love

Bedroom 2:
Art Dummy - wake me. - white clock
Aso - Alphabet Marine Bag
Commoner - Rocking Horse
Gizza - Summer Basket - Aquarium
Handverk - Mermaid's Purses - narwhal
PixelMode - Bean Bag Chair
Remarkable Oblivion - Snapbacks - Royalty
Second Spaces - Game Night - Block Stack
Silent Sparrow - Corgi
Zigana - Super Bot - lamp – Gizmo

On Andel:
BOOM - Friendship Bracelet - lilac
Paper Doll - Ruffly Kini
Pink Fuel - Harley
Teefy - Boho - dress
Wasabi Pills - Lory

On Wilmur:
Adorkable - Lilac Bloom
LWL - Cuffs and Collars - Black Tie
MishMish - Squirt Guns - Orca

Brie Brigand:
RachelBreaker - Sweet Soft Fursona

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