Thursday, March 31, 2011

In a peep of trouble!


I was on my way to Wilmur's house to fetch whatever was left of a 20-pound bag of sugar he had borrowed from me yesterday when I heard his excited yelp.

Oh, the sight when he threw open his door!

"Auntie Edith, just look at my newest invention! Can you believe it? I'll make a fortune! Why this could end hunger as we know it! Or better yet, I could create an entire army of Peeps!"

 Before he could come up with any more grandiose plans, a grotesque gurgle bubbled out of the creatures, and they multiplied before our eyes!

 Just as I was wondering if these creatures were docile, one lunged at me! Thank goodness for Wilmur's catlike reflexes! He took that Peep right out!

The ground shook and another, louder, gurgle erupted behind us. We turned to see the mother of all peeps growing before us! Boy was it mad! Surely it was out to seek revenge for the toppled peep that lay at Wilmur's feet!

Between us, darlings, I was glad I had my adult diaper on - I was so frightened! I knew we were done for! Thankfully, Wilmur kept his wits about him. He dashed into the house, grabbed his still lit bunsen burner, and threw it on the hoard of Peeps descending upon us.

Soon, the once frightening Peep army was nothing more than a bubbling pool of gooey fluff! I made Wilmur promise not to try to create another army of Franken-peeps. I'll certainly think twice before I lend him sugar again!


Goggles: BlakOpal - Safari Expedition Goggles
Jacket: Soap - Scientist Coat
Shoes: HoC - Men's Formal Dress Shoes
Socks: Pig - Argyle, Gabe
Pants: Avid - Moonlight

Hair: Bliss Couture - Deanna
Dress: Donna Flora - Melba
Shoes: Donna Flora - Sofia (free!)
Glasses: Donna Flora - Brenda, pearl
Necklace/Earrings: Donna Flora - Amalia
Rings: Paper Couture - Diamonds and Pearl, Leather Blossom
Hat: Split Pea - Nobody Broke Your Heart (FLF for April 1st! It's so lovely!)

Poses: Adorkable Poses - Poodle Pack (really full of sweet poses - but they work well in times of terror, too!)
Peeps!: Adorkable's free Spring gift in the main shop! They are wonderful - go grab them!


  1. I adore you and your ability to tell such a story! You started my day with a laugh. Thank you! <3

  2. omg you just made me snort with laughter, the evil peep and adult diaper were the icing.. I love you, and secretly lust after Wilmur <8

  3. Ohh that was so funny! I really enjoyed reading that!

  4. OMG you have an inacreditible imagination!

    *worships you*

  5. Aw thank you all so much for reading and for the comments! Those peeps are great - that story just wrote itself.

    Oh, and Elusyve.. Wilmur winks atcha ;)

  6. Why can't I find people like you to hang out with in SL?