Saturday, March 24, 2018

It's not what you think.....

"Move your head! NO! Not that way - the other way!" 

Ugh. You always hear actors talking about how unsexy those sexy love scenes are to shoot and well - they are telling the truth. The other night Wilmur was doing such a scene with our dear friend (and possible baby momma)Blur Mannequin, and he found out just how demanding top ranked directors can be!

"Close your eyes. No, close them! What? WHAT? You can't close them? #@&*^Y#H@I# Oh my gooooooood <insert screaming foreign language here - I don't know what she said but even if I did know I probably couldn't print it!> 

"Lift your leg! No the other leg! LIFT THE OTHER LEG THE OTHER WAY! Oh mi dios I am going to kill you! PUT YOUR UNDERWEAR BACK ON! Now scoot closer. CLOSER. TO ME. NO. THE OTHER WAY. *&@#^*^@# "

Blur lost patience at this point and just grabbed Wilmur and scooted him where she wanted him.

The shock is evident.

Finally, FINALLY we had it all set right. The pose was good, the angle good, the windlight. Nice. Took a few snapshots, chit chatted about bugs or something, and then Wilmur got an inch, as happens, and messed the whole pose up.

Much screeching commenced. (But even more laughter!)

In the end, it did make a lovely picture. Good thing it doesn't come with audio of what was happening behind the scenes. (But maybe it would be wonderful if audio was included. Hmmm...)

Anyway, thank you to Blur for the fun time!

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  1. I don't as a rule approve of bullying in the workplace, but in this instance it has certainly got a good result! And gosh! Wilmur is beginning to resemble that fellow who plays Dr Watson in the Sherlock television show. Such kind eyes.