Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ah, the Golden Years!

Darlings! I have such wonderful news! Surely you will be as overcome as I was so go on and find a nice, comfy chair to faint into, sugar. I'll wait.

Ready? Well! The fabulous designers behind Yummy, Nylon Outfitters, and RC Cluster have teamed up to bless Second Life with Golden Years! Catering to the aged (and aged at heart) this character creation shop will feature everything you need to enter your own golden years! With skins, hair, accessories, and more, this is your one stop shop to greydom!

I really hope we see many more seniors in SL soon! It's so much fun! Maybe if we have enough, we can start a Golden Oldie club! Hmm.... intriguing idea! Imagine the malarkey that would ensue!

This is a raw shot, with minor editing on the dress, so you can see the gloriousness of the skin and hair. 

Skin, makeup, and hair: Golden Years (opening March 29th!)
Dress:  Fashionably Dead
Glasses, Rings, Necklace, Bracelet: Yummy
Hair pins: Donna Flora
Cigarette: Nikotin

(Note: the skins and makeup are Omega so as long as you have an Omega Kit for your body and head, you're good to go!)

Mesh body: Belleza Freya
Mesh head; Catwa Tala
Mesh hands: Slink

Location: The new Golden Years store - which is glorious in and of itself! If absolutely nothing else, go see the build. It's fantastic! It's perfect for getting you in the mood for some fine SLenior living! Besides, the humidity is great for the skin! It opens March 29th! See you there, darlings!

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