Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fly to peace

My best friend and I came to SL when he got sick and couldn't leave the house. It was to give him a chance to be able to interact with people and dance and run and all of that. He had a lot of fun in SL, and it comforted me to see it. After he passed away, I slept for a couple months, and then remembered the promise I had made to him - to not give up. To make myself smile again... laugh again. Edith was born from this promise.

I'd adored Donna Flora clothing from my 'normal' avatar, and the styles fit this old diva so well. I worried, when I first started the dame, if I would offend creators. Edith is rather satirical... a sort of anti-fashionista. I worried creators would see this outlandish avatar with an 'unseemly' shape cowing around in their clothing and be annoyed, thinking I was making fun of their work. One day I took a chance and introduced myself to Squinternet and asked her opinion: would she be offended to see her wonderful creations on a less than modelesque avatar? She popped right down to see me and told me she loved it. That's when our friendship started. She was my earliest cheerleader in what I did with this little old lady, and her reassurance gave me the confidence to keep doing it.

Soon she was sending me things she was working on, just to see what it would look like on Edith. She loved creating, and loved talking about what she was doing. Sometimes, when certain components wouldn't work with Edith's curves, Squinternet would even remake them to fit her. In turn, I sent her 'post cards' of Edith doing silly things in her clothing. If you look over my stuff you will see a large percentage of things Edith wears is Donna Flora. Several of my dame stories were inspired from Squinternet's clothing alone. Like the time I put on her Marchessa outfit and immediately thought: all I need now is a gun or two and I'm a super diva spy! Edith has made me laugh so much, thanks in no small part to Squinternet's support and creativity, and thus my promise to my friend was fulfilled.

I've struggled with what to say about Squinternet's journey. Everything I've attempted to say just seems inadequate. It hits close to home for me, too, as I am going through something similar right now. The Dame takes a lot of energy, and that is something in short supply these days. Squinternet has been in my thoughts so much though - her strength lending a boost when mine falters. How can I sit down when Giulia charged ahead? Even now, with the sad news of her passing, I find myself at a loss for words, and the ones I write here aren't enough.

This wonderful lady was one of the most gracious people I met in SecondLife. I feel very lucky to have known her, even a little. I know that I am far from alone in my warm thoughts and memories of her, and in my sadness of her passing. I'm a speck on a beach full of sand, just one of so many she touched and who love her. She matters in this world - both virtual and real - and thus she will always be here.

Crane Pose: Vespertine
Everything else: Donna Flora


  1. Beautiful post Dame and I can't see how anyone would be annoyed at Edith.. you in turn have touched so many with her creation. Giula as would any of us, was thrilled to have such elegance,class, and laughter sporting her creations I'm sure. My thoughts are with her and all of those she called friend. Sending you good thoughts and well wishes.


    1. Thank you Mr. Venk. I really appreciate your kindness.

  2. Dear Dame Edith, the post, and the picture, are a very beautiful tribute for a creator who well deserved it. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Giulia, and of your own struggle. I love Second Life but I often find myself running around in circles there. Your blog, and a few others, have shown me that it is possible to concentrate the best of the creative spirit that wonders the grid into a funny, indomitable and inspiring character. What designer of any worth would not be proud to be noticed by you? I raise my glass of best virtual champagne and shout 'Long live the Dame!'

  3. Thank you, Dame Edith. You always make me smile and I love your quirky avatar. I hope the best of all possible outcomes for you. My sympathy for your loss. She has left holes in many hearts that we need to fill with love and memory. Thank you for helping fill that hole for me with your stories.

    1. Situations like this, both the journey and the aftermath, brings out the true hues of people's hearts, I believe. Yours is yellow, for your consummate, relentless friendship to Giulia. Red for the determination and passionate need to help her. Blue for being willing to show your vulnerability, to show how much you loved this other person - which is lacking in many these days. White for the peace and care you worked hard to bring her, and everyone else who you knew would be affected. Purple for royal delegation - you did not just do it all yourself, you let others in to work too, as much or as little as they could, knowing that work would help not only Giulia, but those who love her and felt helpless by it too.

      It's easy for many, I think, to isolate themselves, to look upon situations like this in a selfish way - what this means to me, how will *I* handle this. You looked after Giulia and everyone else. I hope you are also looking after yourself, too, darling. You are a rainbow.