Friday, September 16, 2016

Eternal Clockmaker

suit - Gabriel
hair - Ink
beard - Ink (heavily modified)
glasses - Contraption
necklace - Empyrean Forge
breathing assistance - RC Cluster

doves - anc

clocks: 7 emporium, LISP, chronokit, Atelier Visconti, Kunst, junk, Contraption, Zerkalo, ililo, Alouette, floorplan, Boogers, Bazar, Nomad, Sway's, lame, 8f8, Fancy Decor, Scarlet Creative, Pixel Mode

This picture is currently being shown at the Blithe Gallery. There are so many wonderful artists being shown this month, my silly picture looks out of place! When you go, you can get a HUD to wear to make it a multimedia experience. The HUD tells the artist's thoughts on the picture, and some music to go along with it. I am very proud to have my picture shown!

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