Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Off for a ride!

What Next has these wonderful wearable bikes available! They come in many different colors in several different styles. I love them! I actually adore riding bikes in SL - when I can find nice pathways. It is hard to find places where rez is on these days, so having a wearable option is just my cup of Long Island Iced Tea! Little Sammy Davis, Jr. Jr. loves his basket seat, too!

Do you like to bike? Where are some nice trails you have found? I am always on the lookout for new places to go off for a ride!


Location: What Next
Bike: What Next - Sonoma - Soft Pink

Dress/Shoes/Glasses: Donna Flora
Hair: Bliss Couture
Hat: Split Pea

The bike is a pelvis attachment, so I attached my dog to my pelvis as well and moved him into position, modding the basket so he would fit!

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  1. Adorable picture!! You look so elegant on your bike!